Superior Spider-Talk #35: Superior Spider-Man #31

Two fans and collectors (Dan Gvozden and Mark Ginocchio) discuss the Spider-Man comic universe in a show that looks to the past, present, and future of Spider-Man. In this final episode they discuss Superior Spider-Man #31, your fan-emails and comments, Spider-News, a discussion of Amazing Spider-Man #700, and conclude with a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!

Please make sure you listen to the whole show for the SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT as it is has very important news about the show’s future.

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0:00 Opening
1:59 Featured Review: Superior Spider-Man #31
47:23 Comments and Emails
1:07:40 Spider-News
1:12:51 Featured Review: Amazing Spider-Man #700
1:27: 51 SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! Please listen.
1:35:34 Goodbyes and Contact Info

Articles mentioned in this show:

Superior Spider-Man #31: So That Happened
Superior Spider-Man #31 – REVIEW
Top 10 Loves of Peter Parker
Big Box of Comics: Amazing Spider-Man #200
10 Famous Spider-Man Comic Book Moments That Will Never Happen in the Movies
Sons of DKR: Kaare Andrews’s Spider-Man: Reign
Big Box of Comics: Amazing Spider-Man #271
Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 3) #1 Orders Pass 500K
New Issues: Amazing Spider-Man #700 and Peter Parker “No More”

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One thought on “Superior Spider-Talk #35: Superior Spider-Man #31

  1. You guys are on point in this episode. The end of Superior felt like ends of the Earth. A great concept, a strong start and – kind of a whimper of an ending. It’s rare for me to not just love a Dan Slott book. I forgive it 100% knowing that at some point the bigger, more important book is ASM#1 and whats lacking in SSM#31 was probably because this grand relaunch took precedence. RIP Superior, can’t wait to read #1 tomorrow morning.

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