Essentials #2: Amazing Spider-Man #617 & 625

Two fans and collectors (Dan Gvozden and Mark Ginocchio) discuss the Spider-Man comic universe in a show that looks to the past, present, and future of Spider-Man.

In this 2nd episode of their Essential series, Dan and Mark are cataloguing the best Spider-Man comics ever printed, as chosen by them. This week Dan has submitted, for your approval, Amazing Spider-Man #617 and 625, where the Rhino is forced back into conflict as part of “The Gauntlet.”


0:00 Opening
4:17 Essentials: Amazing Spider-Man #617 & 625
30:03 Comments and Emails
36:13 Flash Thompson’s Flash Reviews
44:54 Goodbyes and Contact Info

Articles mentioned in the show:

“Amazing Spider-Man 2″ Discussion w/ Gerry Conway
Review: Spider-Woman #6 and Scratching the Superior Foes Itch
Jaleh’s Review
Brian’s Review
Review: Spider-Man 2099 #11: Bringing It All Back Home
Kyle’s Review

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