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Spider-Man News from SDCC 2015

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Those attending San Diego Comic Con 2015 know that the show was bigger than it has ever been before. Thousands of comic book fans took to the streets and convention halls of San Diego to celebrate the artwork, movies, and television shows that they love.

Marvel hosts a large number of panels, of which I was able attend a good number. While the information on new Spider-Man material was rather slim, there were a couple of interesting new details that we got to make the events worthwhile for the site.

Spider-Man_Deadpool_1_CoverOut of this morning’s “Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends” panel there came the reveal of a new Spider-Man title called Spider-Man & Deadpool by Joe Kelly, of Deadpool and Amazing Spider-Man, fame and Ed McGuinness. The cover of the first issue is to the right and here is the solicit:

The Merc-y Neighborhood Deadpool? The Spider with a Mouth? Close enough. THE TWO MOST POPULAR CHARACTERS IN THE WORLD TOGETHER FOR THE FIRST TIME! (That’s a lie.) Deadpool loves Spider-Man. Spider-Man hates Deadpool. If my math is correct, that makes them the perfect team, but what brings these two together? You’re going to have to read this book to find out, but Joe Kelly (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, DEADPOOL) and Ed McGuinness (DEADPOOL, AMAZING X-MEN, HULK, a certain team-up book at the Distinguished Competition) are together again and will blow your mind with the last page of the first issue!

Who could forget issue #11 of Joe Kelly’s Deadpool where the team went back in time and interacted with the story of Amazing Spider-Man #47. Check out the following pencils from the first issue:


“The challenge is that they’re both funny, and it’s trying to find the line between them and still give the book some weight and some gravity,” said Joe Kelly.

Sana Amanat followed up with, “Deadpool really, really loves Spider-Man, and Spider-Man can’t stand Deadpool.” Sounds like fun!

The panel revealed some more compelling news about the Amazing Spider-Man title and new status quo, but nothing substantial, as well as details about the other Spider-Man book. Here’s all the new information that we learned:

  • Harry Osborn will be returning to the series to work at Parker Industries
  • As will Norman Osborn but not as a Parker Industries employee
  • A prominent female guest star will be a key part of the series
  • Parker Industries have headquarters in Silicon Valley, New York, London, and Singapore
  • Miguel O’Hara will be time-hopping back and forth in his series, working for Parker Industries in the present and attempting to change the future
  • In Venom: Space Knight the symbiote has been cleansed, so this will be a superpowered Flash trying to be a hero
  • In Spider-Man we will find out about the 616 Miles Morales
  • No future plans for Eddie Brock, Ben Reilly, or Kaine
  • We won’t be seeing the Ultimate Peter Parker or Mary Jane again
  • Mary Jane will appear in a surprising place post-“Secret Wars”

In a different, retailer-exclusive panel an image for another upcoming Spider-Man book was released. The title of the book is Spidey and here’s the best image we could find:


In the “Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends” panel the panelists were asked to clarify what the book would be about. The information that we got was that Robbie Thompson would be writing the book as an all-ages Spider-Man book where Peter Parker is in high school. Each issue will be a standalone story with very light threads connecting them.

During our time walking the floor of the convention we took a ton of photos and videos, I’ve collected them in the gallery below!

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