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Spectacular #7 & Spider-Man TAS “Return of Hydro-Man”

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Due to an issue with our server, this episode was removed from circulation! Special thanks to our loyal listeners pointing out that this episode was missing!

Join hosts Cain Winstead and Matthew Deragisch as they dive though the untouched corners and forgotten tales of the Spider-Man library on a hunt for lost gems and what it truly means to be a Spider-Man story.

Today’s episode has a slew of extras! Not only are we covering an extra story, but we’re also bringing aboard an extra person! Guest Matt Dunford is the Chairman of San Diego Comic Fest and a huge Spider-Man fan to boot! He joins Cain and Matt to talk about…

Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #7! Written by Jim Owsley, Layouts by Alan Kupperberg, Finished Art by Jim Fern and Al Milgrom, Letters by Rick Parker, and Colors by Julianna Ferriter. The Return of Hydro-Man is a two part episode written by Bob Richardson with story by John Semper. Part one was directed by Eileen Fuentes and James Krieg while the second part was directed by John Semper and Meg McLaughlin.

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