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The following is a list of currently active contributors to the Superior Spider-Talk website.  If you are interesting in joining the staff please use the site’s Contact page to find out the application process.

1291259_565223193535503_1691275263_oDan Gvozden (Editor-in-Chief, Amazing Spider-Talk Co-Host, Amazing Spider-Man, Reviewer)
First issue: Amazing Spider-Man #375

Do you remember that dorky kid from elementary school who loved movies and comic books? Dan’s him, but an adult… well in most senses of the word. All that matters is that he’s an aficionado of all things pop culture and wants to share his interests with the world.  One of those interests happens to be collecting Amazing Spider-Man, which he has been a passionate fan of since he picked up his first golden issue.  Now he’s the owner of a complete collection (including the Annuals) and a fierce advocate for the power of the comic book medium and the fans who love it.

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Mark Ginocchio (Amazing Spider-Talk Co-Host, Features Editor, Amazing Spider-Man Reviewer)
First issue: Amazing Spider-Man #296

Mark is a professional writer living in Brooklyn, NY, who haswritten for newspapers, magazines, websites, blogs and corporate publications. He purchased his first issue of Amazing Spider-Man (#296) off the spinner rack of a small candy store/newsstand on Long Island, when he was 7-years-old. Years later he spontaneously decided that he was crazy enough to collect every single issue of Amazing Spider-Man (except Annuals, because they don’t count). His propensity to talk Spider-Man and comics with his loved ones, whether they wanted to or not, caused his wife to suggest that he start his own blog to expose his inner-geek and document his quest.  So, in 2011, Chasing Amazing was born. He started co-hosting Superior Spider-Talk in 2013 because he was tired of Dan Gvozden’s Stegron the Dinosaur Man jokes on Twitter, and he figured the best way to get him to stop was to record a show with him.

judesTyler Barlass (Spanning Spectacular)
First issue: Amazing Spider-Man Annual ’96

As a lover of good fiction, especially fiction that involves people dressing up in costumes and fighting crime, I find myself magnetically drawn to the life and times of Peter Parker. I started paying close attention to the webbed-one’s exploits during the oft-maligned “Clone Saga,” which probably explains my unusual affinity for that particular era. After finally figuring out why Spider-Man’s hair was blonde, I became a tried and true Spider-fan. I did drop the book after the unfortunate events of “One More Day,” but ironically I began reading it again after getting married a few years ago. I treat all of my passions equally and I have many of them. I can hold up my end of a conversation about comicbooks, cocktails, cooking, sports, history and music.

brian_pictureBrian Jacob (Ultimate Spin cohost)
First issue: Marvel Tales #184 (reprint of Amazing Spider-Man #44)

Brian first discovered Spider-Man through the PBS television series “The Electric Company,” during a segment which helped younger viewers learn how to read. With great power comes great literacy, and it wasn’t long before he found his way to the actual comic book series. He stopped after Amazing Spider-Man #300, but recently rediscovered his appreciation for the character when his older son began watching “Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends” on Netflix. As a parent, he’s been enjoying seeing the notion of “with great power must also come great responsibility” explored through different lenses – revisiting the classic Lee-Ditko run with his son while getting hooked on his own with the darker exploits of the Superior Spider-Man and the exciting new ground being forged by Miles Morales as the Ultimate Spider-Man.

kyle rocks

Kyle Chrise (Spectacular Spider-Snark)
First issue: Amazing Spider-Man #229

You can hear Kyle on the nationally-syndicated rock radio show, “Sixx Sense with Nikki Sixx.” He also appeared on the Andrew “Dice” Clay special “Indestructible” on Showtime. Artie Lange calls him “The Best Bass Player I’ve Ever Seen in a Pirates Jersey.” In a previous life, Kyle was a writer for the Fox New Channel. In his spare time, he is a league bowler.

20140813 Tony GoodwynTony Goodwyn (Features Writer)
First issue: Amazing Spider-Man #358

Tony is an aspiring writer who currently must settle for working a day job as a librarian.  He remembers Spider-Man’s origin story from the “Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends” cartoon, and never forgot it.  When he started reading comics a few years later, Spider-Man was one of his regular titles, though at the time he was more of an X-Men reader.  He’s met and worked with a number of comics creators in various capacities, and hopes one day to be one himself.  He can often be found reading Spider-Man comics, dressing up as the webslinger at cons, and promoting comic books as literature in the library.

224130_10152285930775436_874144815_nJaleh Najafali (Edge of Venomverse Reviewer)
First issue: Amazing Spider-Man #544

Although Jaleh didn’t start collecting comics until she was in high school, she’s been a fan of Spidey for as long as she can remember. Growing up with the 1994 “Spider-Man: The Animated Series,” she came to love all things Peter Parker and lived for his showdowns against Hobgoblin. Despite her family’s attempts to break her of her ties to superheroes, she still excitedly stops by her local comic store on Wednesdays to pick up her pull list. While comics are a huge part of her life, she’s also passionate about Tudor history, food, and travel. Her goals in life right now include watching every “Star Trek” series, finding enough shelf space for all her action figures, and baking the perfect cupcake.

Almost sep 125Zeke Ward (Spider-Solicitations)
First issue: Amazing Spider-Man #346

Humble and timid, Ezekiel Ward enjoys doing everything opposing humble and timid that he can get his hands on. Blogging, vlogging and generally clogging up the internet with his positive and humorous nonsense – “Zeke” is a casual commentator on everything from the all-important, to the incredibly mundane. Raised on the 90’s “Spider-Man: The Animated Series” and completely obsessed with the web-head’s videogame tie-ins, action figures, and occasional comic – he finally started a mailing subscription to the Amazing Spider-Man around the turn of the 21st century, and has been enjoying the Marvelously Mannered Masterpieces ever since. Zeke enjoys discussing the web-head online, using Gifs, short walks in the fall, and filling out the “about me” sections on websites.

DZawiszaDoug Zawisza (Champions, Events Reviewer)
First issue: Marvel Team-Up #58

Having first encountered Spider-Man through either “The Electric Company” or the 1960s Bakshi cartoon (which all could have occurred on the same day in pre-cable syndication), Doug immediately became a Spider-Fan. Following that instance, Doug was all about Spider-Man, a joy that was fostered by his Mom, who would frequently bring coverless comic books home from her Saturday morning grocery store trips. Marvel Team-Up opened his eyes to the grander Marvel Universe while trips to the local convenience store eased his burden of allowance with their amazing assortment of available comic book titles. An instructional designer by day, Comic Book Resources reviewer by night, husband to an amazing wife and father to three spectacular daughters, Doug is no stranger to great responsibility.

470954_10150857306901424_204002525_oCain Winstead (Spider-Man/Deadpool, Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows, Spectacular Spider-Man Reviewer, Superior $ales-Talk)
First issue: Amazing Spider-Man #545

Cain grew up on the sandy shores of the Gulf Coast but moved to Memphis, TN in 2008 to earn his BA in English from Rhodes College. After graduation in 2012, a series of misadventures lead him through several careers before landing in computer repair. When he’s not writing bios in the third person, he can be found outside working in his yard, inside catching up on the Marvel universe, or at his desk working on his fiction writing. His favorite food is the Lemongrass Tofu at local Memphis restaurant Pho Binh, but he will always answer the sweet Siren’s song of a good plate of BBQ nachos. His love for Spider-Man started with the ’90s animated series and exploded after purchasing “40 Years of Spider-Man Complete Collection” his senior year of high school.

Listen to an interview with Cain about his work for the site!

Matt Photo

Matt Nord (News Writer)
First issue: Marvel Tales Starring Spider-Man #69

Matt started collecting comics at a young age back in the early 80’s and had an on again, off again relationship with them over the decades, but he can fondly remember watching old reruns of the 1967 “Spider-Man” cartoon series. His first Spider-Man comic book was Marvel Tales Starring: Spider-Man #65. It wasn’t until Free Comic Book Day 2015 that he really got back into comics in a big way, tough. He pulled out his old comics, some of the only things to survive the fire that burnt down his childhood home, and started rereading Todd McFarlane’s Spider-Man #1. Once Marvel Studios announced the web-head was returning to the MCU, it was all over. For now, he is eagerly gobbling up whatever Spider-Verse related comics Marvel decides to throw his way. When he’s not reading comics or trying to draw them he’s busy playing zombie tag with his kids in the backyard.

Profile PicRuss McDonald (Avengers, Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider-Man Reviewer)
First issue: Spider-Man (vol. 1) #26

Russ was first hooked into the world of Spider-Man at the age of eight by the allure of a shiny holographic cover; with the further aid of “Spider-Man: The Animated Series,” he would go on to become a lifelong Spider-Fan. Growing up in rural Mississippi, he developed a diverse and voracious appetite for reading — everything from comics to Faulkner to philosophy. After taking some time off from comics post- “One More Day,” Russ jumped back in full force with “Big Time,” vowing to never again abandon his favorite hero. Now, he lives with his wife and daughter in Upstate South Carolina, where he currently serves as pastor. In his spare time, Russ enjoys listening to music, reading, and thinking way too hard about pop culture.

image1Eric Wilson (VenomSpider-Gwen Reviewer)
First issue: Peter Parker: Spectacular Spider-Man #229

Eric’s journey with Spider-Man began on his ninth birthday, when he received a copy of Marvel Masterworks (volume 1), which features the original ten issues of Amazing Spider-Man. Intrigued, he dove into the then-ongoing “Clone Saga,” which was an interesting transition, to say the least. Sticking with the webhead almost continuously to the present day, Eric studied literature in college because he makes poor career decisions. He uses these skills to over analyze comics, cartoons and horror films. Send help.

nickNick Cagnetti (Spectacular Spider-Snark artist)
First issue: Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 2) #30

The first memories Nick has of Spider-Man is playing the fabled cartoon maker for Windows 95 and a CD-Rom with the 1st Hobgoblin story narrated by Christopher Daniel Barnes. Then there were VHS tapes for the 90s cartoon, the 80s toons, the 60s toon- he hit the jackpot! He learned to read from poring over reprints of the Lee & Ditko Amazing Spider-Man run, along with then-recent back issues of the late 90s comics. Nick also learned how to draw from studying comics and lo, another passion was born! Having been inspired by the escapades of Peter Parker, Nick wanted to bring his own characters to life: he’s drawn Infinite Wonders as well as The Spirit of the Shadows comic books and is currently developing a comic strip called Pink Lemonade.

Dan Cagen (News Co-Editor)
First issue: Amazing Spider-Man #250

Dan grew up across the street from a comic book shop, and when he was 10 years old, he walked in with his weekly allowance and asked the owner what comics he should buy for $5. Dan walked out that day with five $1 back-issues of The Amazing Spider-Man and a lifelong love for Spidey was born. Dan walks down to his local comic shop every Wednesday for the latest issues. A professional writer and editor, Dan’s passions go beyond comics, and include watching Mad Max: Fury Road every weekend, playing golf, and finding the perfect place for his Dancing Groot toy.

Levi Hunt (Spider-Man, Spider-Men Reviewer)
First issue: Amazing Spider-Man #438

Levi Hunt is a journalism graduate who has made the noble and selfless decision to use that degree towards spreading the gospel of nerd culture (over more frivolous pursuits such as actual journalism). Levi’s lifelong obsession with superhero stories started with “Spider-Man: The Animated Series”, evolved with the Essential Spider-Man trade line, and became real with the Ultimate Spider-Man ongoing comic series. Levi’s love of movies, TV shows, video games, and comic books has led him to write for sites such as Broken Frontier and IGN. But regardless of the medium, everything for Levi comes back to superheroes.