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The Rules

The rules established for this site are applicable to both the contributors to Superior Spider-Talk as well as those visiting and commenting on the site.  They are subject to change, as designated by the contributors to the site.  Any amendments to the rules can be submitted through the Contact page.  Violators will be dealt with on a case by case basis, but once a decision is made it is final.
The Rules

1.  No poster is to insult or malign another poster or creator.

This is a simple rule to follow.  At Superior Spider-Talk we want to create an environment that is friendly for all who visit, including the creators of the comics and other media.  Instead of saying, ” ______ is a terrible writer/artist,” say, “In my opinion _______’s work is subpar and isn’t something that I enjoy.”  Everyone is entitled to their opinion but no one should have to feel attacked on the internet, especially this site.  Simply put, respect those around you and you will be respected as well.

This includes vulgar language, sexist/racist commentary, and every other infringement that crosses the line.  Remember, having a voice is a great power… now use it responsibly.

2.  No poster is to post about or support illegal activity.

Links to websites that feature piracy or other illegal activities will not be supported and will be taken down immediately.  This includes leaked images that have not been officially released by their publisher.