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Introducing the Untold Talks of Spider-Man Podcast

Think of some of the best Spider-Man stories, the ones everyone always talks about and recommends. We all know them, tales of Spider-Man facing off against unstoppable odds to save the people he loves, all while cracking jokes, slinging webs, and securing a Spider-Tracer right on our hearts!

Well, you’re in luck because we’re the guys who are going to be looking at the other kinds of Spider-Man stories, the ones we’ve all overlooked all these years! On the “Untold Talks of Spider-Man” podcast, join Cain Winstead and Matthew Deragisch as they dive through the forgotten archives of the Spider-Man library on a journey to discover lost gems and what it truly means to be a Spider-Man story.

This “episode zero” introduces the two hosts as they give brief recounts of their first introduction to Spider-Man, as well as a break down of what to expect in the future.

This week’s Patreon Exclusive episode is a review of Amazing Spider-Man Annual #42 and Amazing Spider-Man #796. If you’d like to become a patron, please visit:

Amazing Spider-Talk Patreon Page

You can email questions regarding our new show to untoldtalksofspiderman@gmail.com. You can also give us a buzz on Twitter under the handle @UntoldTalksSPMN

We are currently setting up iTunes and Google Play channels if you are interested in subscribing to the Untold Talks of Spider-Man podcast, and we will update this post as soon as those are available.




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