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Spectacular Spider-Man #25-28 “The Blind Leading the Blind” with Special Guest “Down The Webline”

Blind Leading the Blind

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Spider-Man is blinded in the heat of battle! How will he cope? How will he web swing? How will he ever play his own video-game? Well lucky for him his buddy Daredevil swings in to help out.

Join hosts Cain Winstead and Matthew Deragisch as they dive though the untouched corners and forgotten tales of the Spider-Man library on a hunt for lost gems and what it truly means to be a Spider-Man story.

This episode we are joined by our special guest Shannon, the author behind the  Down the Webline essay series which you can find here. You can also find Down the Webline on Twitter.

Today’s episode is 1978’s SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #25-28

#25 and #26
Written by Bill Mantlo
Pencils by Bill Mooney
Inks by Frank Springer
Colors by R. Goldberg (Karen Raines on #26)

Written by Bill Mantlo
Penciled by Frank Miller (first work featuring Daredevil!)
Inked by Frank Springer
Colored by Bob Sharen

Written by Bill Mantlo
Artists Frank Miller and Frank Spinger
Colorist Mario Ben

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