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Ross Andru (Season 3, Episode 11)

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Take a tour of NYC with our guide Ross Andru!

That’s right, in this very episode, Dan and Mark will be discussing the work of underrated Amazing Spider-Man artist Ross Andru. Andru was known for his high-flying, yet grounded take on Spidey, as well as his flair for incorporating famous landmarks from New York City. Then we’ll be ranking our favorite landmarks as we travel around the city!

This episode was edited by Rick Coste.

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Ross Andru Tour of NYC

ASM #130: Doc Ock on Top of the Pan Am building (now the MetLife Building in NYC)
ASM #133: Unidentified subway station during a fight with Molten Man. The train enters tunnel out of Manhattan into Brooklyn
ASM #134: Boat trip from West Side Docks (aka, Chelsea Piers) during Tarantula Battle
ASM #136: St. Patrick’s Cathedral on a date with Mary Jane
ASM #137: The infamous Rockaway Beach bungalows that Gerry almost got sued over
ASM #138: Side of Chrysler Building while swinging to find Grizzly
ASM #140: Federal Reserve Bank of NY while Spidey is driving around the Spider-Mobile
ASM #143: The Kiss at JFK Airport
ASM #147: Brooklyn Bridge where Jackal pushes Spidey over the side (to reenact Gwen’s death)
ASM #148: Spidey web-slinging past Queensboro Bridge in Midtown East
ASM #149: Battle with Jackal/Clone at Shea Stadium
ASM #161: Peter and MJ at Coney Island/Nathan’s Hot Dogs. Spidey/Nightcrawler fight on the Wonder Wheel
ASM #162: Cover image the Roosevelt Island Tram
ASM #164: Williamsburg Bridge? Hard to tell
ASM #166: Museum of Natural History and the Dinosaur Exhibit Comes to Life!
ASM #167: Madison Square Garden on the splash page of Spidey getting shot at; St. Patrick’s Cathedral again while web-slinging; Will o the WIsp shows up at 30 Rock and Ice Skating Rink
ASM #168: More Rockefeller Center; Main Times Square/42nd Street drag in battle with WOW
ASM #171: General Chinatown intersection with Harry/Liz driving
ASM #172: Web y Verrazano Bridge
ASM #175: Battle on Statue of Liberty on the cover; Brooklyn Bridge interior; lots of SOL inside, including various detail shots
ASM #176: Aunt May protest at City Hall
ASM #177: World Trade Center/Twin Towers (first time?)
ASM #179: Radio City Music Hall marquee; fight with Green Goblin III inside in the lobby
ASM #182: Facade of the Municipal Building Arch (Rocket Racer racing thru); Empire State Building
ASM #185: Brooklyn Bridge multiple views from Chinatown
Giant-Size #2: White Dragon with Shang Chi at the Guggenheim

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