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Marvel Team-Up 117 & 118 – Untold Talks of Spider-Man

Marvel Team-Up 117

A Bromance of Two Batmans Kissing with Webs

Marvel Team-Up 117 & 118 – Going Scents and Senses

A mysterious figure, with an inexplicable Ancient Rome fixation, wants to test the resolve of the superhero community, both physically and ethically. And the two figures he chooses for his social experiments are Wolverine and Spider-Man….


They get put in a bizarre situation. They fight over a misunderstanding. They resolve their dispute. They work together to fight the baddy. MARVEL TEAM-UP!!! This is their second team up the first being MTU annal 1 with all the New X-men


This issue is all over. Dear listeners as we move through you’ll hear about things that just happen, that’s because they do. This story intentionally messes with a sense of place, and familiarity to keep the reader off guard.


How does Spider-Man stand in contrast and is it due to the convenience of being a visitor to someone else’s space?


The best new Spider-Man podcast you can listen to this week to wet your beak for excitement and stimulate your mind as you continue about your day.  Don’t wait, make today untold!

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