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The Weekly Bugle: Movie Leaks and “The Big Rule”


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It’s been a crazy week! A possible costume design for the new Spider-Man Movie, a suspicious image of a casting for the same movie, and a certain controversy surrounding comments that Robbi Rodriguez made on The Ultimate Spin. It’s time to get caught up, web-heads! Let’s dive headfirst into the movies section:


Possible Description For Marvel’s Very Different Take On SPIDER-MAN’s New Suit Surfaces


Latino Review. Sorry guys. This smells fake to me. Despite being picked up by several sites and posted alongside similar reports on Reddit – don’t hold your breath for this particular suit. Naturally, if anything is confirmed by the studio – we’ll let you know.

How indie director Jon Watts landed ‘Spider-Man’ gig


Very interesting article about our new director – Daily News brings us an inside look into Jon Watt’s time working with Kevin Bacon on their film: “Cop Car,” and how he felt getting the job of bringing Spider-Man to the MCU.

“Honestly there was no part of me that was surprised that he got the spider-Man gig,” said Bacon. “If I was running a studio and I saw ‘Cop Car,’ I would give him the job, too.”

Spider-Man’s scene in Captain America: Civil War has already been shot (and it’s only a cameo)


Several reports hitting this week that Tom Holland has already shot his scenes for “Civil War” and speculation is that he will only cameo in the movie. Further deducing makes even a costume appearance seem unlikely – or at least uncertain at this time.

A “Leaked Casting List” Surfaces – Is Considered/Mocked by Every News Site


Don’t ask me why it’s been taken so seriously (for the most part), but many Spidey-slinging newsstands reported on this image of a “Leaked Casting List”. Everyone from Reddit to Latino Review talked about it until it found it’s way into wide publication. Even though many took the time to have a laugh at the “source” (see link above) – one wonders how such a screenshot can bully it’s way into consideration.


Robbi Rodriguez and the “Big Rule”: Our Very Own Little Controversy

So, much longer than a week ago (July 14th), our very own Ultimate Spin had an excellent interview with Robbi Rodriguez (Artist and co-creator of Spider-Gwen) – it was well received, very entertaining, and was listened many times over without nary a snag. But on July 30th – we made another post specifically commenting on Robbi Rodriguez’s comment on a certain “Big Rule” that the creative team adhered to – basically keeping new characters out of the book for the sake of limiting Sony’s “first crack” access to the characters. In a interesting display of the internet’s severe inability to digest information unless contained in a title – this article (with no new information) took off; within a day, new articles began popping up on Bleeding Cool, Newsarama, i09, and several other regular comic-book and movie related websites – even making it’s way to such fine publications as The Outhousers. Despite taking down the article and editing the podcast, we were unable to stop the information in time – for reasons out of our control and/or technical response comically out of our realm of experience (see above tweet).

Robbi did speak to the excitement with an official response seen on Newsarama:

“There is no rule. The subject wasn’t explained to me very well when I asked before at the time, but its all cleared now when I asked again not too long ago,” Rodriguez told Newsarama. “I forgot I mentioned that on the podcast,  so I asked them to edit it to clear up any future confusion. I meant to do the earlier and its my mistake for not jumping quicker thus causing this misunderstanding.”

Rodriguez went to claim that he and Spider-Gwen writer Jason Latour are free to introduce new characters despite his original comments on the podcast.

“We can make anything we want for Spider-Gwen,” Rodriguez added.

I guess the important thing to learn form all this is: listen to our podcasts, dag-nabbit! Save us all the drama and do a little more than read a title. You can start your journey of listening enlightenment with our newest offering: a gem of a conversation with David Micheline, former writer of Amazing Spider-ManWeb of Spider-ManThe Avengers, and Iron Man, as well as the creator of Venom, Carnage, Scott Lang, and Taskmaster!



Oh Lordy. Deadpool… I don’t… I don’t even know what to say about this. Despite lining up with the recent reveal that the symbiotes started out good… this is quite the… strange development. Check out the article for more info – it does spoil some of the latest Deadpool mag though!


New “Ultimate Spider-Man” cartoon clip shows off the Grizzly, Boomerang, Shocker, and… Squirrel Girl.

The Ultimate Spider-Man Cartoon is FINALLY getting to the great villains! But seriously – I’d LOVE a Superior Foes cartoon…

And Everything Else…

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