A Spider-Man Podcast

About The Shows

The Amazing Spider-Talk podcast is hosted by two fans and collectors, Dan Gvozden and Mark Ginocchio, who discuss the past, present, and future of the Spider-Man character.

Amazing Spider-Talk began with reviews of single issues of the Amazing Spider-Man comic book, as they were published. Since then it has grown to include dozens of interviews with prominent creators behind the character, Essentials episodes discussing favorite stories, and a seasonal format tracing the history of the character across all mediums, starting with his origins.

We recommend any new listener start back at Season 1 and explore the content that interests them from there.

Meet the spider-Talkers

Dapper Dan Gvozden (@SupSpiderTalk)

Role: Amazing Spider-Talk co-host, Editor-in-Chief

Spider-Power: Web-slinging

Favorite Rogue: The Hobgoblin

First Spider-Man Book: Amazing Spider-Man #375

Random Spidey-Cred: The only person to be featured in two Spider-Man letters columns released on the same day (in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #37 and Amazing Spider-Man #632). Editor Stephen Wacker called it, “A mistake.”

Short Bio: Do you remember that dorky kid from elementary school who loved movies and comic books? Dan’s him, but an adult… well in most senses of the word. All that matters is that he’s an aficionado of all things pop culture and wants to share his interests with the world. One of those interests happens to be collecting Amazing Spider-Man, which he has been a passionate fan of since he picked up his first golden issue. Now he’s the owner of a complete collection (including the Annuals) and a fierce advocate for the power of the comic book medium and the fans who love it.

Mischevious Mark Ginocchio (@ChasingASMBlog)

Role: Amazing Spider-Talk Co-Host

Spider-Power: Spider-sense

Favorite Rogue: Mysterio

First Spider-Man Book: Amazing Spider-Man #296

Random Spidey-Cred: Mark purchased his copy of Amazing Spider-Man #1 when appearing on an unaired segment on the “Comic Book Men” television show. He got a better deal when his wife laid their money out on the table and made an ultimatum.

Short Bio: Mark has been a collector and reader of Spider-Man comics since 1987, and over the years has collected every single issue of Amazing Spider-Man including (begrudgingly, the Annuals – even though they don’t count). He chronicled his journey to collect these issues on his personal blog, Chasing Amazing. In 2013, he started co-hosting the Amazing Spider-Talk podcast with Dan, an endeavor he has maintained with passion and enthusiasm even though he once told Dan he wouldn’t last five years doing it.

In 2017, he was contracted by Triumph Publishing to write 100 Things Spider-Man Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die, a book you can still buy today and should do so because it made Mark a raving lunatic for months while writing it. He lives on Long Island with his wife (and sometimes pod contributor) Erin, and his son John.

Radioactive Rick Coste (@rickcoste)

Role: Amazing Spider-Talk Editor

Spider-Power: Knows a bad idea like the Spider-Mobile when he sees one.

Favorite Rogue: The Green Goblin

First Spider-Man Book: Amazing Spider-Man #133

Random Spidey-Cred: Watched the very first episode of The Amazing Spider-Man TV series the night it originally aired on Sept. 19, 1977 and thought it was the best thing ever (what little did he know…)

Short Bio:Rick started his writing at 6 years old by creating his own Spidey stories.  He now creates audio fiction (https://ModernAudioDrama.com) and has worked on Marvel’s official podcasts This Week in Marvel and the Women of Marvel as an audio editor/mixer.

The Untold Talks of Spider-Man is a podcast about deep cuts, forgotten classics, and what it truly means to be a Spider-Man story. Each episode, Cain and Matt discuss an obscure Spider-Man comic and whether not it deserves to be “Untold” or “Reprinted.” They then rank each story on their “Web of Rankings”, a growing list of stories for listeners to read… or not.

Meet the untold Talkers

Cain Winstead (@CainWrites)

Role: Untold Talks of Spider-Man Co-Host

Spider-Power: Spider-Agility

Favorite Rogue: The Trapster

First Spider-Man Book: Amazing Spider-Man #545 (Yes, really.)

Random Spidey-Cred: Cain’s reviews have been quoted for blurbs on trade paperback collections of Spider-Man/Deadpool and Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows. Whether or not this means he can claim he acted as a marketing consultant for Marvel Entertainment/The Disney Company is between him, his resume, and his future employers.

Short Bio: Cain has been a nanny, a film festival director, a small business owner, a computer repair technician, an odd-job freelancer, plus a few other things. Above all, however, he has been a Spider-Man fan. Starting in 2015 Cain wrote reviews and articles for SuperiorSpiderTalk.com and in 2018 he launched The Untold Talks of Spider-Man. Outside of comics, Cain enjoys cooking, fiction writing, writing bios in the third person, and taking care of his dog, Scraps.

‘Mundane’ Matt Deragisch (@magicalmatt42)

Role: Untold Talks of Spider-Man Co-Host

Spider-Power: Getting stuck to things

Favorite Rogue: Sandman

First Spider-Man Book: Spectacular Spider-Man #221

Random Spidey-Cred: Dismayed that a single Peter Parker wasn’t able to find the upswing of the Parker luck, Matt wrote in that action should be Spider-Man’s reward, for the letters column of Amazing Spider-Man #598. In short order, Pete found that rewarding action and Matt could rest easy having once been Spidey’s wingman.

Short Bio: Matt has been amassing his comic collection for a lifetime. It’s pilled up. It fills over a room. If dropped all at once it would crush at least 12 grown men to paste. Despite this eclectic collection, there’s no doubt that he favors TMNT and Spider-Man. He remains supremely disappointed that they’ve never crossed over. He also hosts the YouTube channel, Wednesday’s Serial, is the co-host of Never Stay Dead, and once tried to convince a sold-out theater in his hometown to buy some comics.