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Weekly Bugle: Andrew Garfield Looks Back & Marvel Announces Gwenpool?!


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This Week we have a lot of interesting interviews with Andrew Garfield (including his continued push for Spider-Man to be pansexual), a few spidey-related comic strips, and perhaps the strangest news of all: Gwenpool. Do not adjust your viewing device – we are now entering the bugle zone.

Andrew Garfield Calls for a Pansexual Spider-Man, Shares Spidey Regrets, and Has a Man Bun.

Maybe he’s been depressed lately.

andrew-garfieldAndrew Garfield has had a slew of interviews lately with some pretty eyebrow raising headlines: “Andrew Garfield Regrets Doing Spider-Man?”, “Emma Thompson Would Rather Die Than Watch The Reboot!“, and my personal favorite – “ANDREW GARFIELD KNOWS YOU HATE HIS MAN BUN.” While making the rounds for his new movie “99 Homes”, interviewers have been sure to take advantage of one of the first opportunities they’ve had to grill the British actor on the new Spider-Man, His legacy with the character, and of course – whether or not he knows that we hate his man bun. But we’ll concentrate on his feelings about being Spider-Man.

“I started to feel the separation of myself from the world and from my community and it really hit me in a very sad and scary way, and I thought: ‘Oh f**k, I can’t live like this. I can’t be this thing that I’m being asked to be. Its just not real,” the retired wall-crawler confessed.

“If I chase that then I’m not being true to myself, and if I act as if I am somehow better, we all know that’s bullshit. I was really scared to be on some kind of forced pedestal. Thank god some people are smart enough to know the whole celebrity thing is a fallacy,” Garfield added.

20e71f3d33f7595182f1728fe47b31fdGarfield also took the opportunity to return to the argument he’s made before about Spider-Man’s sexuality and whether that should even be an issue anymore.

“I’m excited to get to the point where we don’t have to have this conversation, where we can have a pansexual Spider-Man,” Garfield said. “What are we so scared of? Why are we so, ‘No, it has to be this way, a man and a woman.’ Why is that even a conversation?”

He continued, “We’re scared of things that aren’t us. Love is love. Skin is skin. Flesh is flesh. We’re all wrapped in the same thing. I have no preference.”

Skin IS skin, Andrew. And Hair is hair. Eh – I’m just jealous. Rock on, Man Bun.



Good news everyone – the classic Spider-Man story “Kraven’s Last Hunt” will now be available from GraphicAudio – below is the press release and an official trailer!

Experience the classic, genre-defining Spider-Man shocker like never before in this new audio adaptation!  After years of crushing defeats at the hands of the web-slinger, Russian aristocrat, Kraven the Hunter decides to battle Spider-Man in one final showdown to determine who the superior warrior is.   Kraven usurps the mantle of Spider-Man, but must prove himself superior to his nemesis by defeating the one villain he was unable to defeat on his own, the cannibalistic Vermin.  


Coming Soon… Gwenpool.

Ugh. Ok. So it looks like we’re getting… a Gwen Stacy/Deadpool character of some sort. I guess I’ll just post the official release and the graphics.

55f34b399f1a455f34bea182afYour eyes do not deceive you. She’s real, and she’s making landfall in the Marvel Universe this November! Introducing…Gwenpool! Making her thunderous debut in November’s HOWARD THE DUCK #1, meet the character that’s already taking the world by storm!
Then, tis the season in December’s GWENPOOL SPECIAL #1, as the biggest creators and biggest heroes from across the Marvel Universe band together for holiday cheer! She-Hulk throws a party and invites the entire Marvel U! Deadpool and both Hawkeyes – Kate & Clint – team up to take down a holiday pickpocket! Ms. Marvel battles her most dangerous threat yet: the holiday blues! And of course, the woman of the hour, Gwenpool herself! Featuring Gerry Duggan, Charles Soule, Christopher Hastings, Danilo Beyruth, Langdon Foss, Gurihiru and more – this is one you won’t want to miss!

More on Marvel.com: http://marvel.com/news/comics/25088/seriously.gwenpool#ixzz3lf2B2CpM


Welcome to the working title of the comics section. Remember when your parents used to read the newspaper and seemingly enjoy the contents while all you wanted to do was read the funnies? Ya’know… last week. Comic strips are a staple of any good news source – but we figured we could have some funny pages too.

Spider-Snark #034 – CLICK TO ENLARGE


@IAmTheZeke er, #001? – CLICK TO ENLARGE


In this week’s videos of note – Marvel games are getting lots of symbiotes lately… Carnage, Zombie-Venom, and even Peter with his not-quite-living “Back in Black suit. Check out the same suit used in the Renew Your Vows storyline below!

And here’s another video from Venom2000000 – today’s discussion: just when WILL we see the new Spider-Man suit?!


Here at Superior Spider-Talk – we release a lot of News and Features every week; they are all well-written and expertly crafted to be interesting and fascinating for hours – but you don’t have to take my word for it!

*90’s transition slides articles into view*

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