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The Weekly Bugle: Tom Holland Gets Ultimate Peter’s Hair, Spidey’s Moves


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Hey Guys! I haven’t done one of these in a while, but there’s a lot of cool little news stories lately – Starting with the Ultimate Tom Holland!

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Hair cut or the Johnny Depp look?

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Hey… that look is a little familiar… Where have I seen that Haircut before? Oh Yeah! Ultimate Spider-Man!



Obviously this could be coincidence – but understandably, Spider-fans were crawling all over this particular Instagram Video:

It’s easy to see how these acrobatics will serve Holland well for his role as Spider-Man – and that Ultimate Peter hair too! Would you like to see Marvel go that direction for the new Peter Parker’s look?

Speaking of how things look in the comic-books, check out the preview for Spider-Man #1 – starring Miles Morales!




What exactly is going on in the first two pages? Your guess is as good as mine… but that looks like Ganke survives! Or… maybe that’s just a flashback? Darn it Bendis! I guess I’ll have to buy your book after all! Spider-Man #1 comes out in February 2016!

The last thing I want to make sure you guys see, is the CBR interview with Dan Slott:


Oh Dan, you adorably evil man… Here’s some text from later in the interview:

“– dude, I’m doing Spider-Man. I wanted to do Spider-Man since I was a little kid, so this is like, yeah, I’m on the book ’til they fire me,” says Dan Slot. “I am never leaving! [Laughs] We got stories for years and years and years. I cannot wait to get to the next Spider-Man story and the next Spider-Man story. And it’s all weird.”

If you can’t get enough of Dan Slot (specifically his comedy roots and desire to keep bringing “weird” to Spider-Man) then check out another part of that interview HERE.

And yeah – that WAS the interview that our very own Dan “The Puffin Whisperer” Gvozden mentioned in the latest Amazing Spider-Talk Podcast. There’s a link to that and the rest of this week’s articles listed below for your browsing pleasure!

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ALSO – I drew the fight between Dan and Mark that took place at the end of the last podcast. So uh… *shuffles feet* Here’s that!

mark shirt

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