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Episode 91: Blindsided (Spider-Gwen 28 and Spider-Man 237)

(Recorded February 10, 2018)
We’re back! In this bumper episode, Brian and Jack get into all kinds of truth as we discover the origin of our favorite villain The Kingpin in Spider-Gwen #28! Then it’s a family affair as things get complicated for Miles in Spider-Man #237. We’ll also share some of your listener feedback and check in with the news about what’s next for Miles’ *other* series, Champions!

  • 0:00 – Intro
  • 2:32 – Spider-Gwen #28 – A story about two sides of the same coin…and being punched in the face by the truth. Matt and Gwen: Kylo and Rey? Considering three of the most powerful panels in the entire series. Uncle Ben-65’s take on Power and Responsibility. Jack’s head is ready to explode.
  • 18:39 – Our three word summaries of the issue and Listener Feedback.
  • 21:37 – All change for the Champions: Maybe something we’ll check out? Plus a brief ASMR confession.
  • 26:24 – Spider-Man #237 – Pancakes! A successful arc for Rio. The Bombshells drama takes an uncomfortable turn. An out-of-place (out-of order?) moment with Hobgoblin. Jefferson vs. Aaron and how that could lead to Miles becoming Spy-D.
  • 47:35 – Our three word summaries of the issue and Listener Feedback.
  • 52:24 – Outro; What did *you* think of these issues? And coming up…

Stuff that we mentioned in this episode:

Soundtrack for Spider-Man #237 (suggestions from listener Lawrence Minor II):

For Aaron Davis, his misdeeds means he only…
“Human” – Rag’n’Bone Man

Good to know that despite the trials and tribulations in their relationship, Rio and Jefferson will…
“Rise Up” – Andra Day

This is what the trials of life does at times Lana, just stay strong I’m sure help is on the way…
“Bring Me Down (Edited)” – Kanye West (feat. Brandy)

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