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Episode 94: Crabby Appletons (Spider-Man 239)

(Recorded April 7, 2018)
In this episode, Brian and Jack take a closer look at the chaotic penultimate issue of Bendis’ run in Spider-Man #239. Plus, we discuss the news that the Ultimate Universe is returning!

  • 0:00 – Intro; Wait, the Ultimate Universe is really coming back? How things could be different this time.
  • 5:24 – Spider-Man #239 – Mask on, Mask off. Dialogue disaster. Squandered Sandman. So many strands of this web…but does anything connect? Surprises at the end…but why? How (Can?) this all be pulled together for the finale? Looking at other reviews.
  • 28:36 – Our three word summaries of the issue.
  • 30:05 – Outro; What did *you* think of this issue? And coming up…

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