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Spider-Man PS4: E3 2018 Chat

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E3! Spider-Man! PS4! We’re covering them all today!

In this season of the Amazing Spider-Talk podcast, Dan Gvozden and Mark Ginocchio will talk about how Spider-Man finally made it into the BIG TIME under the creative pens of Stan Lee and John Romita Sr., but in this episode we are doing something a bit different…

This time we’re looking at how Dan hit the BIG TIME at Sony’s Spider-Man for PS4 booth at E3 2018! Yes, we were able to get our spider-tracers deep into the event and snag ourselves time with a demo of the game. Joining the show this week is friend-of-the-show Chris Baker, a writer and games industry professional who has worked for Marvel, LucasArts, and Playstation Magazine, to interview Dan about his time with the game and talk Spider-Man PS4 theories in general.

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