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Amazing Friends: Cody Ziglar (writer of Miles Morales: Spider-Man)

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“Looks like we are going on tour!”

On this week’s episode of the Amazing Spider-Talk, Dan is joined by Cody Ziglar, writer of Miles Morales: Spider-Man, various Spider-Punk miniseries, and Amazing Spider-Man. Together they discuss his introduction to comics through his work on the “She-Hulk” television show, how the “Beyond” braintrust worked, how he injects his history with punk into the world of Hobie Brown, and what it meant to write the 300th issue of Miles’ story.

This episode was edited by Rick Coste. The video version of this podcast was edited by Alex Galucki. Our artwork comes handcrafted by artists Ron Frenz, Sal Buscema, and Nick Cagnetti. Our theme songs were produced by Ryland Bojack, Tony Thaxton and Spider-Maj. Our animated introduction to the show is by Josh Sutton of Panels to Pixels.

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