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Amazing Spider-Talk

The Amazing Spider-Talk podcast is hosted by two fans and collectors, Dan Gvozden and Mark Ginocchio, who discuss the past, present, and future of the Spider-Man character.

Amazing Spider-Talk began with reviews of single issues of the Amazing Spider-Man comic book, as they were published. Since then it has grown to include dozens of interviews with prominent creators behind the character, Essentials episodes discussing favorite stories, and a seasonal format tracing the history of the character across all mediums, starting with his origins.

We recommend any new listener start back at Season 1 and explore the content that interests them from there.

Amazing Spider-Talk

Spider-Ham (Season 6, Episode 9)

That’s all folks! On today’s show, Mark and Dan talk about the greatest swine in all of Spider-Man comics: no, not Razorback. Spider-Ham! In the mid-80s Marvel launched a new

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