S01 Episode 3: Powers, Costumes, Gadgets, Oh My!

THWIP! It’s the third episode of the All-New Amazing Spider-Talk. In this season, Dan Gvozden and Mark Ginocchio are talking about the first and greatest run of Spider-Man comics: the Stan Lee and Steve Ditko era.

In this third episode, they discuss all the powers, costumes and gadgets that transform Peter Parker into the spectacular Spider-Man. All the juicy details can be found in the back of Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1, but Dan and Mark will fill in all the details about this fun, but inconsistent, attributes of your favorite webslinger.

Books to read for this show:
Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1

This week’s Patreon Exclusive episode discusses all the latest news about Spider-Man, including SDCC 2017, his new costume for “Avengers: Infinity War”,  the return of legacy numbering, and Peter’s return to The Daily Bugle.

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