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Weekly Bugle: Nov. 30th



J. Jonah Jameson here, I’m BACK! The blood-sucking lawyers figured out that I can do this blog/book/WHATEVER in the old Bugle format – as long it’s on a weekly basis; and with MY BRAND NEW TV SHOW, maybe that’s for the best. Starting now, I’m going to update you weekly on every detail of that wall-crawling menace – at least, everything that isn’t FEATURED NEWS. But don’t let this “Page 2” stuff confuse you, these stories didn’t meet my FANTASTIC JOURNALISM STANDARDS – but you are sure to find something interesting in THE WEEKLY BUGLE!!!

First up: A Pinball Machine Featuring Venom



Normally I’d condemn anything with black, alien goo-boogiemen, but I like Mr. Licks-A-Lot’s stance on Webhead brain relocation!




“Spider-Verse” Pasta with Dan Slott and Creative Team

Screenshot 2014-11-30 18.13.20Featuring a roll-call of multiple menaces in our own reality and beyond! I told you from the very beginning that Spider-Man’s vigilante crime would spread!




CM Punk, Superior Foes Says Goodbye



This just goes to show the anti anti spider-man bias so clearly represented in our media today! Any “Foe” of Spider-Man is a friend of the WEEKLY BUGLE, and it’s a mask-propaganda-driven shame we have to see them go.


17th Century Spider-Man



Has Cosplay gone too far? Is not even art sacred anymore? Although… some of the work on the Facebook page is pretty good…






“Spider-Man Unlimited Video Shows Upcoming New Areas and Enemies

Screenshot 2014-11-30 19.01.35



For all you Thumb-Waggers out there. New areas to smash that wall-crawler right into a wall! Haha, NEVER GETS OLD.



Man’s secret life as Spider-Man revealed in poignant obituary



This national hero is the exact opposite of a menace to society – still, you can count on the Fact Channel to let you know (should your opinion need to change on this).


That’s about all of the incriminating interesting evidence of that webbed menace that didn’t make the front page, but be sure to check out everything that DID make the cut!

Spidiversity: If You Die In “Spider-Verse,” Do You Die In Real Life?

Spider-Talk and their Amazing Friends w/ Giuseppe Camuncoli

Spider-Talk and their Amazing Friends w/Spider-Man: The Animated Series

Superior Foes of Spider-Man #17 – REVIEW

Scarlet Spiders #1 — REVIEW

Note from the News Co-Editor: The Weekly Bugle will run every weekend and include all of the interesting and cool things we heard around the web that week, but just didn’t quite make it as Featured News. The views expressed by JJJ are not necessarily those of superiorspidertalk.com – who honestly hope Jonah pursues a career in pizza.




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