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Miles Joins the Avengers!

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2ND UPDATE -MARVEL Comments on Released Covers

11:10 AM Thursday, March 26, 2015 (CDT)

Tom Brevoort, Marvel’s senior vice president and executive editor joined Nick Lowe, senior editor at Marvel – to add a few comments to both of the covers released earlier today.

“It’s an All-New, All-Different Avengers for an All-New, All-Different Marvel Universe!” Tom Brevoort excitedly told WIRED.co.uk. “So throw out your preconceptions about Earth’s Mightiest Heroes as we change the game, rewrite the rules and destroy childhoods with an Avengers team that more closely reflects the world outside your window!”

The duo went on to discuss the Inhumans Cover and Johnny Storm’s involvement – shying away from giving any additional details about All-New, All-Different Avengers.

It’s interesting to note that Tom Brevoort was the original host to the slow reveal of the All-New, All Different cover – a reveal that was usurped by a leak that quickly circulated 4Chan and other websites. You can still see the un-updated page here where Brevoort wasn’t able to introduce Miles and the other four silhouettes before confirming the leaked fully-revealed team today.

The ANAD Avengers will debut on Free Comic Book Day long before they actually appear post-Secret Wars; the preview is shaping up to be a gratuitous sneak peak that fans will be excited to see, with hints to the future of the entire Marvel Universe!

We will share any more updates as we have them. Share your expectations for the book in the comments – are you as excited as I am?

The All-New, All-Different Avengers and Uncanny Inhumans titles will premiere as part of Marvel’s Free Comic Book Day offering on 2 May, along with a Secret Wars #0.

UPDATE 9:03 AM – It’s Official, Miles Joins the Avengers! Mark Waid and Mahmud Asrar Confirmed

Thursday, March 26, 2015 (CDT)

All-New-All-Different-Avengers-Assemble-4-811f2Marvel has finally conifrmed via Wired.uk that Miles will be joining the All-New, All-Different Avengers after Secret Wars.

Yes, True Believers – It’s happening! Miles is Joining the Avengers!

Uncanny-InhumansAfter all the speculation last night and the leaked image making waves on Reddit and Twitter – Marvel has revealed these two covers as a hint of what’s to come after Battleworld calms down:

Marvel has also confirmed that Mahmud Asrar and Mark Waid will be on the book (via CBR). So no need to fret over the new cover not having the creative team listed. 

Marvel is planning to have additional comments later today – we’ll update as soon as there’s any news.


WARNING. All sorts of rumor and speculation ahead. Put on your rubber booties cause we have ourselves a leak. Late Wednesday, with absolutely no comment or acknowledgment from Marvel, an image started making the rounds online – and it appears to show Miles Morales joining the Avengers!

All-New, All-Different Avengers!


I wish I had more of a confirmation for you guys – but as of now, all we have is this image floating around Twitter.

Earlier this week, Marvel began teasing All-New, All Different Avengers for “Free Comic-Book Day”. You can still view the Miles-less official updates HERE.



So far – this is the only thing we officially have from Marvel. The characters were supposed to be revealed slowly until the end of the week.

“Each day this week, we’ll reveal another sneak peek with exclusive quotes from Avengers Editor Tom Brevoort…”

So why are we seeing the image early (Wednesday night)? Well… I’ll update you on that as soon as I know. But here’s something else we know NOW. From the same link:

“It’s your first taste of the all-new Marvel Universe as a blockbuster top secret Avengers creative team sets out on a new adventure that will have fans begging for more! Who will be Earth’s Mightiest Heroes when the dust settles from Secret Wars?”

So this takes place after Secret Wars… meaning that if it’s legit, Miles WILL survive Secret Wars – finding a place in whatever universe survives after Battleworld. Woah.

The leaked image has a creative team of “Waid, Asrar, and Martin” – The full names are not listed or announced anywhere… but I think we can assume a bit. Mark Waid has offered no comment as of yet.

TO BE UPDATED  – We hope to have more and a confirmation soon.

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