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Spidey Swag: Marvel Legends Infinite Series: Ultimate Green Goblin BAF


Welcome back everyone! It’s time for a new edition of Spidey Swag and this time we’ll be diving into one of my personal favorite BAF sets, which I explained in my last article, the Ultimate Green Goblin!

Before we go any further, I want to say I cheated. I bypassed searching for all the individual figures and went right online to buy the complete figure. To me, this figure was way too cool for me to constantly hit the stores in my area in hopes of getting every single piece; anyone that has been to a Walmart in Philadelphia will probably know my pain. This massive figure came in a set with a number of variant figures just for those Spidey fans that want to collect every character from Spidey’s Universe.

Ultimate Green Goblin 03The Ultimate Green Goblin is from the Marvel Ultimate Universe line of comics that started back in 2000 and came to a close several weeks ago. He was the first super-villain to appear in Ultimate Spider-Man, making him a perfect choice for a BAF. This figure stands about 8 inches tall and has be recreated in stunning detail, most prominent are the spikes sticking out from his elbows, shoulders, and chin. The figure looks downright monstrous with two enormous horns sticking out from both sides of his head and a pair of menacing red eyes.  His face is captured in a mid-snarl which looks perfect for posing him fighting any Spider-Man figure. His fingers and toes have talons attached to both just like in the comics. This figure comes with three additional pieces which are flame attachments for his back and wrists. This is most likely because the Ultimate Green Goblin can hurl fire balls instead of the classic pumpkin bombs.

If you take a close look at the BAF, just check out our pictures, there are a few parts that are similar to “The Avengers” movie Hulk figure that was a Walmart exclusive. The sculpt on both figures is the same for the body, legs, and arms, but the hands and the feet on the Ult Green Goblin are new as well as the vein in his left arm. For all those readers that complained years ago that this new Green Goblin resembled the Hulk too much, well… now you have a point. That said, the sculpt of the head and the flame connector pieces are new and regardless of the similarities the sculpt and the paint for this figure remain beautifully done. For a die-hard Green Goblin fan like myself, this figure was more than worth the cost.

For those of you who want to slowly assemble the Goblin piece by piece, the rest of the set has a few new figures for the Spidey Universe that haven’t been immortalized in plastic before. For the first time we have the “Amazing Spider-Man 2” Electro figure, Ultimate Beetle, Boomerang  (Superior Foes fans rejoice), Anya Corazon Spider-Girl, Eddie Brock’s Toxin (theInfiniteSpiderMan symbiote offspring of Carnage), Superior Spider-Man, Carnage, Black Cat, “Amazing Spider-Man 2” Spider-Man and Agent Venom. The Spider-Man and the Superior Spider-Man figures are the same, but with different paint jobs (huh, that sounds familiar), however each comes with a different piece to the Green Goblin BAF.

The Boomerang and Ultimate Beetle figures are not listed by their names on the boxes, instead they are grouped under the title  “Deadliest Foes.” The Ultimate Beetle figure does not come with any accessories other than his detachable wings but the Boomerang figure comes with so many boomerangs you’ll have no idea what to do with them! There is a piece on his back to holster all the boomerangs and the holster piece can rotate left or right for your posing needs.

I’m not sure anyone was demanding it but there is finally a Toxin figure for when Eddie Brock took on the symbiote back in the Venom solo-title… remember? Toxin is categorized together with his father, Carnage, under the title “Spawn of Symbiotes.” In the comics, both symbiotes are wild and usually have tendrils sticking out from all over their bodies. The sculpt of each of these figures tries to capture that by making that a part of the sculpt. But luckily, the Toxin and Carnage figures are not the same. They have different heads, hands and legs; the tendrils on the figures are even different. Carnage has more tendrils than Toxin does. Toxin’s hands and legs are much bigger and wider than Carnage’s slender form, just so that no one could call these designers totally lazy.

The last variant set is Black Cat and Anya Corazon Spider-Girl. These two figures are bundled under the title “Skyline Sirens.” The Black Cat figure has a great sculpt, but the downside to this figure is the obvious amount of blue paint that was used on her hair, boots, and gloves. The boots and gloves were made pure white in attempts to differentiate it from her hair and the tassel/fur parts of her gloves and boots. Spider-Girl on the other hand looks great all the way through, with no goofy mistakes or inaccurate paint job.

Electro01The last figure to contain a part of the Green Goblin is the “Amazing Spider-man 2” Electro. The sculpt for the body looks great, but his head is a different story altogether. Due to the vibrancy of the blue used to capture the brightness of the character in the movie, the details on the head of the figure are a little difficult to make out. The figure also comes with an additional head that is supposed to make it look like energy is pouring from his eyes and alternate hands that can be attached to make it look like his fingers are surging with energy. Even though his figure offers a range of posability from its alternative parts, the sculpt and coloring make it the weakest figure in the whole set.

The last figure in this set was released retroactively and does not come with any piece to the the Ultimate Green Goblin BAF! But none of that matters because the last figure is Agent Venom! Agent Venom comes with multiple guns and tentacles that attach to his back to hold more guns! You can never have too many guns! While we already got a Disney Store exclusive Agent Venom few years ago, the biggest improvement in this Agent Venom figure is that he can actually stand up on his own and hold onto his guns. I’d call that an important improvement.

So which characters come with what piece of the BAF?

In terms of pricing, both of the Spider-Man figures are under $20.00 on Amazon. Big Bad Toy Store is sold out of the individual figures, but has the whole set for sale minus Agent Venom and the variant figures for $99.99. On Amazon the Agent Venom figure is the most expensive at around $32 while the rest of the figures are under $30.

I find the Ultimate Green Goblin BAF to be worth the money either way. This is one of the better BAF figure released, but its up to you to decide. I hope you enjoyed the article. Good luck collecting and try not to break the bank!




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