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Marvel’s October Spider-Man B-Title Plans

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There has been an incredible amount of anticipation regarding Marvel’s October solicits, which will in all likelyhood reveal the future of all of their 60+ All-New All-Different titles that launch after the conclusion of “Secret Wars.” Some news has been slowly trickling out today about some of their B-title Spider-books.  Remember, there is an eight month time-jump after the conclusion of the “Secret Wars,” so the new creative teams have been given the ability to dramatically shake up the Marvel Universe.

None of these announcements are set in stone and we will continue to update this article as things get announced but keep an eye out for our October solicit that will go up as soon as we have more information. Expect official word on these titles this Wednesday in the All-New, All-Different Marvel Preview magazine (likely where these images originated. Now for the news that we do have:

Venom: Spaceknight


First up is the reveal of the new series Venom: Spaceknight. The new title, written by  Robbie Thompson and with artwork Ariel Olivetti will see him trekking through space with what looks like an alien partner. Fans of Robbie Thompson’s work in Silk may want to check this one out.

Here’s the tagline: “Sometimes a hero needs a little space.”

Web Warriors


Many of these leaked announcements show that Marvel is attempting to tie in their various video game and television franchises in with the comics. I imagine this is to try and broaden their audience and attract those who might want to dig deeper into the experiences they’ve had elsewhere. This is nothing new, I’m sure many readers can remember the “Maximum Carnage” video game from the 90’s. Now we are getting a Web Warriors comic by Mike Costa and David Baldeon and starring Spider-Gwen, Spider-Man UK, Spider-Ham, Spider-Man Noir and Indian Spider-Man, also known as the cast from Spider-Verse.

Here’s the tagline: “Defending the spider-verse…” Could this be the book we were promised from the end of “Spider-Verse” wherein this team of heroes attempts to heal the Great Web?



In what might be the most unexpected news out of these leaks is the notion that Spider-Woman will be relaunching with Jessica Drew as a mother. Judging by the picture above, she seems to be quite pregnant and also pushing the limits of the female form. All we have is a tagline that reads, “Parent by day. Hero by night.” The best news about this is that Dennis Hopeless and Javier Rodriguez are back on creative duties for the book, which should please all the fans of the awesome series. Still, I have to admit that the image I’m seeing is quite odd and the idea of a pregnant crime-fighter is riddled with complications.



Here’s another comic that I wasn’t expecting. It is a new Carnage series written by… Gerry Conway! Place that one firmly in the “woah!” column. The artwork will be done by Mike Perkins and the tagline that we have so far is, “Descent into madness.”



It looks like Robbie Thompson is also going to be continuing his Silk series but with a new twist. The tagline for the series is “The Sinister Silk,” is a play on The Sinister Six and hints that we will see the hero going villain. This is surprising but perhaps we should have expected it, considering that the cover of her first issue made her look so evil all the way back in Silk #1.

Extraordinary X-Men


You are likely wondering why I’m including X-Men on a Spider-Man site. I will tell you that it could be important because this new Extraordinary X-Men is written by Jeff Lemire but, more importantly, it is being pencilled by Humberto Ramos, the long-standing artist on Amazing Spider-Man. Could this mean that Humberto will no longer be doing artwork for Amazing Spider-Man? I wouldn’t be surprised. His work is beloved by many but he’s been on the book for a very long time and if Marvel is looking to shake things up the least they could do on Amazing Spider-Man is bring in some new artistic talent.

Uncanny Avengers


The Uncanny Avengers book will also be relaunching with a new creative team of Gerry Duggan and Ryan Stegman. What’s most important to us is the the new team will include Steve Rogers, Human Torch, Rogue, Deadpool, Quicksilver, Brother Voodoo and most-importantly… Spider-Man.

The tagline reads as, “Fighting for Humanity, Inhumanity, Mutants and Deadpool.”

Spider-Man 2099


Looks like Spider-Man 2099 isn’t changing creative teams and is returning after-all. The new chapter of the story will be led by Peter David and Will Sliney. The tagline for the series is “Smack to the future” and Bleeding Cool is reporting that Miguel O’Hara is going to be looking very different, perhaps back in his native time of 2099.

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