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Miles Morales is Spider-Man in New Series

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Marvel has just announced the newest Spider-Book to hit shelves this fall: Spider-Man; written by Brian Michael Bendis and drawn by Sara Pichelli, featuring the ongoing adventures of Miles Morales after the events of “Secret Wars.”

News broke just a minute after midnight that the creative team behind Spider-Men (and co-creators of the Miles Morales character) would be bringing the popular webslinger back after the end of the Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man series that saw its last issue earlier this year.

spidey21n-1-web“Our message has to be it’s not Spider-Man with an asterisk, it’s the real Spider-Man for kids of color, for adults of color and everybody else,” says writer Brian Bendis. “Many kids of color who when they were playing superheroes with their friends, their friends wouldn’t let them be Batman or Superman because they don’t look like those heroes but they could be Spider-Man because anyone could be under that mask, but now it’s true. It’s meant a great deal to a great many people.”

It’s the first confirmed Spider-book for the new Marvel Universe (we don’t even know if Peter Parker has a book after “Secret Wars” yet) but this isn’t the first we have heard of Miles Morales’ activities after “Secret Wars.” We reported in March that Miles would be joining the All-New, All Different Avengers” when the title launches later this year. Between the two titles and extensive cameos in other books as of late, Miles is quickly shaping up to be a huge part of the new world that Marvel is building moving forward – a fact that will please the huge fanbase that has followed the character since Ultimate Fallout #4.

Speaking of cameos – I have to point out the billboards in the background; seemingly teasing what makes the cut in the new status quo when all the dust settles later this year. The Fact Channel seems to have survived “Secret Wars”, along with Parker Industries – which we last saw as a rather large and impressive pile of rubble. Has Parker Industries survived Amazing Spider-Man #18 after all? Is it possible that the billboard is the last standing part of Peter’s company? Could this mean that Dan Slott will remain on the book after the relaunch to continue telling the stories he started with volume 3 of Amazing Spider-Man?

As for Peter himself, we have no confirmation on how many webs he will be slinging, but Marvel has stated that he will be around in some capacity – and only teasing how “all-new and all-different” the future spider characters will be.

From Mashable: “The same people who went crazy with female Thor will have a field day with…  a new Spider-Man – as well as Peter Parker and Miles Morales? Could he be one of the Spider-Verse characters?  …You’ll have to read and find out.”

We are excited to welcome Miles Morales to the main Marvel Universe – and anticipate great things from Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli this Fall.

Update (6/21):

We just received a copy of the cover with titles:


Update (6/22):

We received this press release from Marvel:

“Four years ago, we peeled back Spider-Man’s iconic mask to reveal a new and different face, and readers of all stripes have embraced him,” says Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso. “I’m excited to announce that Miles Morales is here to stay – and this Fall, he’s going to be swinging through the heart of the Marvel Universe. Can new friends and enemies be far behind?”

A stranger in a strange land, Miles patrols the rooftops of a New York City that is very different from the one he knew. A world where countless heroes guard it’s skies and streets. A world where Miles is counted among the ranks of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, the Avengers. A world where Peter Parker is still alive. Though their paths have crossed before the landmark series Spider-Men, with Miles now living in Peter’s universe – is this town big enough for two Spider-Men? More importantly – how did Miles come to be here in the first place?!

“This is a very big deal to [Sarah and I],” says Brian Michael Bendis in an interview with Marvel.com. “For [Miles] to have grown up and flat-out earned his place in the Marvel Universe, as Spider-Man, is frankly so much more than we could have hoped for when we first sat down to design him and his life. When it became clear that I was going to follow Miles into this new adventure I was really hoping that Sara would see the value in it being both of us that do this together. I was thrilled that she agreed immediately.”

Peter is still alive and operating as Spider-Man as we suspected earlier and it seems as though the opening story being told in this new series will be about the two Spider-Men addressing the idea of there being two Spider-Men in New York City. In an amazing interview for Marvel.com, Bendis addressed why Miles Morales was a lock for the new MCU, Bendis had this to say:

This is a direct result of the grassroots, passionate response to the character as both an individual and what he represents to the readership.  This is a direct result of very loud voices telling Marvel what they want. Miles, a child of color, will be Spider-Man. Not Ultimate Spider-Man, not Spectacular Spider-Man, not Amazing Spider-Man—Spider-Man.

This is further evidence that Peter will be The Amazing Spider-Man and Miles Morales will be Spider-Man, so any of you freaking out that Peter is going to be “replaced” need to calm down and finally come to the realization that Peter will never not be Spider-Man… ever.

The interview has a number of juicy details about the transition from Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man to Spider-Man, even that Bendis had decided that he would no longer be writing the character until he saw that Marvel wanted him to continue doing a street-level take on Miles Morales:

Let me be quite frank. There was a time last year where I had given notice on this book. I thought that with the character moving into the [Marvel Universe] maybe that should be a time for me to bow out. What I didn’t know was that the plans for Miles were substantial: that he would be an Avenger or that he would be set up in a way because of things going on in different books to be the more traditional Spider–Man character. And by that I mean that Miles will be the Spider-Man that is trying desperately to balance his life as a high school student and his super hero career. He will be the character that is wrestling with power and responsibility in a very raw way.

Once those elements revealed themselves, I politely asked to not leave the book. Story ideas flooded over me.

That is my long way of saying that Miles will have a very interesting but familiar street-level/ Spider-Man-level view of the Marvel Universe, and that was one of the reasons I wanted to stay.

Bendis also had this to say about his rumored Spider-Men 2:

And most importantly, the thing I get asked about every day, is a sequel to Spider-Men, the [series] we did a couple of years ago where Peter Parker met Miles. Consider the first year of this book the sequel to that series. But if you never read that, don’t worry about it. It will all make sense.

As far as we here at Superior Spider-Talk are concerned, New York is a huge city full of villains to fight… what’s another Spider-Man to help out? Welcome to the MCU Miles!

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