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Mandatory Spider-Man Traits

There was quite a stir this week that started with a leaked list of “Mandatory Spider-Man Traits.” This list originated from the movie licensing agreement between Marvel and Sony and prompted several sites to use titles like “Spider-Man Can’t Be Gay or Black” and “It Seems There Was No Chance New SPIDER-MAN Would Be Anything But White & Straight.”

Note however that this was a licensing agreement (enacted in 2011) that was used as Sony’s guideline to craft Marvel’s character. Back in the days before Marvel Studios was a thing that consistently rocked our worlds – the most famous and popular characters (X-Men, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, ext.) were sold to studios outside Marvel. Even though the studios have a lot of creative control, Marvel had a lot of investment in the characters remaining strongly tied to the comics – and contracts with scary paragraphs like “Mandatory Traits” became a thing.

But doesn’t that make sense? Being white and straight isn’t a bad thing – and that’s kinda what Peter was at the time… and Peter Parker remains that way in the comics today. Along with a few familiar character traits (no smoking, does not kill unless in self-defense of self or others, does not abuse alcohol, etc,) we read “Not a Homosexual (Unless Marvel has portrayed that alter ego as a homosexual).” The license even gives us reason to believe that Peter Parker could be any of these things – as long as he was portrayed that way in the comics first.

RUMOR: Marvel and Sony to Announce Spider-Man Casting this Week?

Deadline has stepped forward and announced that their unnamed sources say “that the decision could come next week” for the casting of Peter Parker in the MCU. I think I’ve seen this rumor in particular, nearly every week since the Sony/Marvel deal went through. Many News Sites are picking this up though, and hey – the closer we get, the more likely it’s true, right? I can guarantee you two things: they are going to be right eventually, and you won’t see it in our Featured News until it is confirmed. Can’t have too much sodium with these rumors, folks!

Will Ant-Man Tease OsCorp, or even Spider-Man?

Latino Review has heard that Spider-Man might be referenced in Ant-Man! Woah – slow down there, faithful reader. What did I just tell you about sodium? Take some salt with this one as Latino Review and their evil spawn Heroic Hollywood are kind of the closest thing I have to an arch nemesis at this point. They don’t know who I am but I still feel some strong arch-y vibes from the sites that announced Asa Butterfield had been cast as Spider-Man – only to backpedal the statement a few days later.

So why bother you with this? Because… the rumor that OsCorp might be trying to buy stolen Ant-Man equipment is… well, it sounds entirely plausible. And all the other cool websites agree! File this under fan theories and we’ll revisit it in a few weeks. Don’t go in expecting any references; as long as Marvel hasn’t announced anything you should watch for the Pym – if anything else shows up, that’s a pretty cool bonus.

ICYMI: Ultimate Spider-Man Gets Renewed

Spidey may be getting his own live-action film in 2017, and then an animated film in 2018 – but that’s almost two years away! Fear not, as Marvel has you covered with the announcement of Ultimate Spider-Man vs The Sinister 6 – gracing small screens everywhere in 2016… READ MORE


The Future of Spider-Gwen

If you want to know what the future holds for the incredible Spider-Gwen – then you may be in luck. Well, not yet… but very, very soon. Secret Wars has been cutting out a large chunk of comics and canceling arcs – leaving fans without their beloved comics and with no idea how long their favorite characters would be gone, if they even returned at all. But Gwen seems to have proven herself and earned… well we don’t know what exactly.

BLEEDING COOL is reporting that there will be an announcement coming this Wednesday which should at least confirm Spider-Woman’s fate after Secret Wars, and possibly offer a glimpse at her future. This news comes out of Heroes Con – where Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez “talked around the edges of what was to be announced.” It seems we’ll have to wait until Wednesday to get a peek at what’s to come.

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Mysterio’s Mayhem Arrives in Spider-Man Unlimited

Let the show begin… Mysterio has arrived in Gameloft’s hit mobile game, Spider-Man Unlimited! As his toxic mist corrodes the minds of Spider-Man and his allies, the Sinister Six are now stronger than ever. Will they finally conquer the dimension or will you escape the illusion?

Make Spider-Man’s Web… Sorta

If it’s not gooey, sticky, and thwipy – you did something wrong!

Spider-Snark #23

Marvel Music Presents: Face It Tiger

“Face It Tiger”
Written by Kathryn Dixon, Ryan Hull, Alden Tarver and Jason Latour
Produced by Justin Bocanegra

Marvel releases a “video” for the track we’ve already been rocking to for months – but it’s still awesome!

Miles Morales Vs Comicpalooza 2015

Enter Miles Morales, Comicpalooza and a lot of Spider-smooches. Because you’ve always wanted to see She-Hulk kiss Miles – right? Don’t lie! I know you have!

And Everything Else…

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